NutScript is an open-source role-play gamemode framework for Garry's Mod. It is released under the MIT license. NutScript's goal is to provide a truely free experience for everyone for roleplay. It is not tied to restrictive DRM or any price tags. NutScript is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. NutScript was originally developed by Chessnut during the summer of 2013. Development continued throughout the summer and sped up with the arrival of Black Tea. Both continued to make the framework more suitable for use and was finalized at the start of 2014. Over the months, there were minor improvements to the framework. By the time summer arrived again, NutScript 1.1 began development. NutScript 1.1 is a clean slate as many lessons were to be learned from NutScript 1.0, so the whole framework was re-written from scratch. NutScript 1.1 features many improvements in terms of effiency, ease of use, and design to provide both developers and users a better experience. These features include:

Overall, NutScript is...

Developer friendly.

NutScript's main goal is to help developers make role-play gamemodes faster. Documentation on the wiki, comments within the easy to read code, plenty of stress-relieving functions in the included utility library, Lua auto-reload support, and more!

Actively improved.

NutScript is always being improved by active developers and contributors within the community.

Optimized for performance.

Whether a community is big or small, NutScript is designed to handle them all. NutScript has been optimized to be lightweight and provide the opportunity to maximize a community's full potential.

and more...